Recruitment 2019


We welcome foreign students and post doctoral fellows to join our laboratory.

Post-doctoral fellow New

Please contact us via e-mail.





We will offer a scholarship from our budget depending on the necessity, but please try to obtain external scholarship. The best one is from Japanese Government, for which you should ask the Japanese embassy of your country. There are also many private funding agencies.

 PhD student ( detained information)

Application July 19(Wed) - July 28(Fri), 2019

Examination October 19(Thu) - October 20(Fri), 2019

Result Announcement Nov 24(Fri)

 Master course (detained information)

Application June 29(Thu) - July 7(Fri), 2019

Examination August 21(Mon) - August 22(Tue), 2019

Result Announcement Sep 7 (Tue)

Post doctoral fellow

You can apply at any time, as we can now offer a scholarship from our own budget. For your future carrier, we encourage you to apply external supports, such as,

 JSPS Research fellow  HFSPO long-term fellow

There are many private funding agencies.


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